A no-energy cola fridge, two powerful ways to deal with email for good, and how to write a book


Busy week? Me too.
But here’s something to inspire you and the two best email tools I’ve seen in years. And after that, why my book didn’t release yet – and how I’m fighting to get it done now!

Coca Cola’s bio-fridge:

The Coca Cola company’s dream of putting a cold Coke in the hand of every person in the world just came powerfully closer to reality this week. A clean, self-cooling fridge was just installed in Colombia. Even if you don’t have time for the article, watch the video. It’s an amazing two minutes. Maybe the future won’t be so bad after all. Read the Fast Company article here.

Batched Inbox:

Do you lose time impulsively checking email? Or do you lose focus when your email service pings your phone? Check this out – BatchedInbox lets you save time and energy, end distractions, and work – and live – better.  All it does is simply hold back your day’s email until a set time that you choose. If that sounds extreme, you can make exceptions easily! And did I mention that it’s FREE?

It takes about two minutes to setup, but it’s worth it. I’m already enjoying the quiet from my inbox, even in my short times online. Check it out here.

How many email lists are you subscribed to? I was subscribed to 273 – that is, until yesterday! Unroll.me searches your inbox for you, and does the hard work of making a list of every last email list that you’re stuck on. Then, as you browse the list, you can instantly either (1) unsubscribe yourself or (2) combine less important emails into ONE daily digest called a “rollup”!

In ten minutes’ work, I unsubscribed from 113 lists (including some really hard to get off lists, like CalPirg!) and rolled up 73 less important subscriptions into a rollup digest. I’ll deal with the last 61 more by hand, but I already feel a big weight lifted off my inbox!

What could unroll.me do for you? Would you be more present at work and home? Find out for FREE by giving it a shot here!


Last, how to write a non-fiction book:
Here’s a handful of lessons that I’ve picked up in the last month or so.

– Starting is hard. But start by choosing your topic – and then make the best outline (TOC) you can.
Connect with your why. Why would you subject yourself to this? It’s like running a marathon! You better get clear with yourself on why you’re going to give your free time to this.
Set a ship date. Commit –  to finishing by that day. I actually missed my date (June 8th) but I’ve made more progress than I ever would have without a date. And I’ve learned so much through this all.
Do the work. Try to write daily – at least 300 words or so. With your outline and ship date, you’ll know very clearly how much more you need to do each week.

Finally, here’s what’s killing me now:

Never assume that editing a book will take “just an hour.” Even if it’s an e-book. Even if each of its chapters only runs about 1000 words. And do not lie to yourself that when a chapter is 90% done, that the last 10% will just take five minutes.

Give yourself a week – or more! Make it shine. Better ideas come in the editing room.


Writing is war. But for those who supported me in this endeavor – thank you for your support and patience. I’ve rescheduled for next Tuesday. And if you’ve read this, would you like a free copy of my book when I’m done?

It’s scary – making something and giving it away. But I’m thrilled to fight to complete this book.

The Pursuit of Happiness – 32 Habits of Ridiculously Awesome People is on the verge of releasing – join my email list and be the first to get it by clicking HERE!


photo credit: Eyewash design – A.Golden via compfight


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