Finish what you start.


What’s your secret? That is, your secret to finishing well? I need to know.

I was just reminded the other night that “well begun is half done.” I can attest to that. It’s been a great ride, writing my first e-book this month. Getting started was the hardest part. Then from there, the daily commitment to just sit and write pushed me further than I’d ever gone writing.

But now, as I’m down to writing the last ten percent –  I’ve stalled. I’ve got one week left to hit my self-imposed deadline. I’ve missed three morning writing sessions.

I have acceptable reasons that no one would fault me for. It was my wife’s birthday. We went out to a friend’s place one night, watched a movie another night.

But the fact is, I told myself I’d ship it – this Saturday. Five days to go.

Steven Pressfield says that whenever something beautiful is trying to come into the world, it will face an equal and opposite resistance. I’ve hit the resistance now. I’m in the thick of it.

I’ve pushed through other things before, but not a book. I’ve got my battle plans – and I’m buckling down to do the work tonight, and every day till I’m done.

Well begun is half done. But well finished – it’s a battle hard won.

What’s your plan to finish well? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear what works for you!

image credit: one lucky guy via compfight


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