Origin, direction, and losing your uncle – what Spiderman teaches us about starting


“With great power comes great responsibility.”
– Uncle Ben Parker

Tears filled young Peter’s eyes. Blood spilled over his hands, onto his shirt and jeans. His uncle gasped one last breath – and died in his arms. Ben’s last words in the car would echo in his mind and heart forever.

This is why Peter puts on the mask. This is why he becomes Spiderman.

The world would never be the same.


Every hero has an origin story.
Every hero has a reason to be a hero. Choose any superhero movie – there’s so many these days – and you’ll find a vast multitude of awesome heroes. Batman. Iron Man. Captain America. Thor.

Almost all of their first movies tell the same story in a different way – how they found their WHY.

WHY fight? Why train? Why pursue evil? Why change the world? Why not leave it alone?

The real story never begins until they find their WHY.

And you, dear reader, as you pursue awesome this summer, must find your WHY as well.

You have an origin story. You just need to find it.
Want to be awesome? Want to make a mark on the world?
Want to start now – this summer?

Start with why.

There’s a way to be awesome. It’s a road. You’ve already begun your journey down it. The journey began long before you even picked up this book. But there’s a lot of distractions, dead ends, and wrong turns along the way.

There’s one secret to staying on the way.

To paraphrase Michael Hyatt:
Find your why and you’ll find your way.
Lose your why and you’ll lose your way.

No matter what other advice I give you, no matter what else you do, I guarantee you that if you lose your reason, your why, for pursuing a meaningful and impactful life, sooner or later you will definitely lose your way.

This is the most important part of the book. This is your origin story. This is where you find your Uncle Ben moment.
The book? What are you talking about?
Hey! Glad you asked!

This was from my forthcoming e-book, “The Pursuit of Awesome: The One-Summer Guide”.

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photo credit: –Tico– via compfight


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