The worst thing most people forget everyday (hint: it’s not their keys)

“Wait a second. What did I come back into the living room for?”
I did this to myself yesterday. My wife just looked at me, laughed cheerfully and replied, “How should I know?”
Only I knew why I came in – and I forgot.
When was the last time you walked into a room to get something – and forgot what you were looking for? Your wallet? Your keys? A book? A pen?

One of the crazy things about life is that we constantly forget WHY we do things. We’re on our way to get something done and then we get interrupted. The phone rings. A message alert dings. A friend asks a question. We get hungry. On and on.

Even when there’s no one else around to interrupt us, we interrupt ourselves! We overthink things, or we start worrying, or we start thinking about what’s next – and we forget what we were doing in the moment. And then everything falls apart.

Hold that thought. Think bigger with me for a moment. Here’s a bigger question:

“Wait a second – what did I come into the world for?”
Our keys are one of the least important things we forget. Too often, we forget what we live for. Honestly, how many times in the last twenty four hours have you considered what you live for?

Michael Hyatt wrote, “We lose our way when we lose our why.”

It’s one of the qualities of greatness.

Great companies have great reasons why they do what they do.
So do great families. So do great individuals.

Today: Do you have a clear picture of WHY you do what you do?

Can you picture your why? Do you have clarity?
Why do you study? Why aren’t you sleeping? Why are you working so hard? Or why are you jobless? Why are you reading this?
If there’s no good answer, you’ve got trouble. Don’t go on without a why.
Find that picture. Make it as clear as possible.
And don’t lose it. Because you see…
Your WHY is the real lost key.
Your WHY will open doors when all the doors are closed.
Your WHY will unlock treasure chests and locked boxes.
Your WHY will turn the ignition of the car of your life – and keep you moving!

Don’t forget your why. Find it and hold on to it – and tightly, cause life will rip it away from you if you let your guard down.
Photo credit: Linus Bohman

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