Who cares that you have a club?

Who cares that you have a club?
Do students outside of your club know what your club’s about?

Do your club members know what your club’s about?

Do YOU even know what your club is really about?
Seriously – who cares about your club?
Or your blog, team, or organization?
Who cares?
Now, some of you don’t have this problem. But if you have this problem, or if the fear of this problem is keeping you from starting something, this post’s for you.
This week I learned something huge about how to make people care.
I’m no expert. Just a small handful of people care that my current club exists. (We have five real faithful members. One is my wife.) But yes, I learned something huge this week. 
There’s three big reasons that no one cares. And if you’re like me, they’re the same for you too.

The three reasons few people care about our club
Why do only a few people come to our meetings? Here’s what I figured out. See what you think:
1. Most students don’t care about what we want to give them.
2. If students do care, they don’t know what we’re doing.
3. Generally, I really don’t know what my students care about.
Pow. That’s it. I can have the secret of life and offer it to people to come to our club, but they won’t come if they don’t care.
How can I get people to care?
I have one answer. It’s an incomplete answer, but it’s a start. Here it is:
This week, my job is to LEARN what our students really care about.
In particular, I want to know their pain points. I want to know what they care so much about that it hurts. We need to get out and get to know our students.
Their biggest needs, deepest fears and greatest dreams – I especially want to get a handle on these. Not to use it against them, but to use it to serve them. It’s because if we can learn our students’ needs, we can leverage what we know to meet those needs.
Then our club’s message will change from:
“Come to our club because we can help students”
to something more like:
“Come to our club because we know how to help YOU. Yes, you.”
Which would you rather hear? Which club would you rather go to?
Which club would you care about?
pic credit: oobles via compfight.com

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