Are your habits leading towards disaster? 18 questions to find out


“Avalanche! Run!!”

It’s crazy. One touch – that’s all it takes. Just one tiny trigger can send a massive wall of snow down the face of a mountain, destroying everything in its path.

Trees are uprooted. Homes are wiped clean off the face of the earth. When it stops, it becomes as hard as concrete. If a person is trapped underneath, there’s almost no chance of saving them at all – much less finding them!

Avalanches are fearsome waves of snow and ice. But they start small.

Long before an avalanche appears, it quietly builds enormous amounts of stored up power as snow builds up, day after day. That is, until a tiny trigger unleashes it.

That’s the way our habits are.

There’s no escape

Here’s something to think about: Avalanches are inevitable. If a mountain side is just the right slope to produce an avalanche, it will eventually happen. There is no way to avoid it.

We’re just like that.

Every day we build our lives out of layers and layers of habits, like snow on a mountainside. We don’t always notice our habits – but they build up all the same.

Day by day, month by month, year by year – the snow slowly piles on until one day – CRACK! A small trigger unleashes the full power of the avalanche.

Then – watch out below!

Our lives, after all, are the sum of our habits – good or bad. It’s up to us which we’ll choose.

What are you building?

Think about it – what habits are you letting fall into your life? Here’s a list of eighteen things to check yourself on (and I’m sure you could think of more):

Are you choosing to be habitually…

1. Honest or dishonest?
2. Patient or impatient?
3. Selfless or selfish?
4. Passionate or apathetic?
5. Committed or uncommitted?
6. Empowered by faith or controlled by fear?
7. Habitually optimistic or pessimistic?
8. Involved with friends and family or neglectful of friends and family?
9. Rest with purpose or rest without purpose?
10. Thoughtful or thoughtless in your responses?
11. On time or late to commitments? (I gotta work on this one!)
12. Hungry to learn or bored with learning?
13. Thankful or thankless?
14. Motivated and excited to wake up or lying in bed “just a few more minutes”?
15. Intentional in life or directionless in life?
16. Looking for beauty or ignoring beauty in the everyday things of life?
17. Awake to and aware of the world around us or ignorant of the world around us?

And here’s the big one:
18. Are you habitually in control of your bad habits or habitually controlled by them?

I honestly struggle with a bunch of these – #6, #8 and #11, for example – but it really helps to take a step back and take a good hard look at the habits we’re forming. Try checking yourself on these – and choose one to focus on changing!

The takeaway

If we let weak and debilitating habits build up, they will compound into a terribly meaningless and ineffective life. But if we build good, beautiful habits, we will compound those habits into a fantastically great, beautiful and impactful life.

Which will it be? Who are you becoming?

“Conquer your bad habits – or they will conquer you.”
Dr. Rob Gilbert

photo credit: wikipedia commons


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