How to find the leader inside yourself in two easy steps

© 2013 Darren Hester,

© 2013 Darren Hester,


We need you to lead.
Yes, you.

There has never been a more desperate need for leadership.
No matter where you are, you are surrounded by opportunity.
No matter who you are, you are full of potential.
No matter what anyone else says, this much is true:

We need you.

You might think you’re a leader already,
but you need to really check yourself.
Are you influencing people?
Are you changing people’s lives?
Are you changing your city? Your country?

You see, that’s what a leader does.
That’s what we need you to do. Now.

You are only limited by your ability – or your inability  – to lead.
And yes, you CAN lead.
The only question is this: Will you lead?

All you need to do is two simple things.

Step one: Decide to become a leader.
Step two: Learn how to lead.

The big mistake you might be making:
You might be wanting to do these in the wrong order. You might already be doing them in the wrong order. It feels safer to learn as much as you can before you make your decision, right? You don’t want to fail, right? Or hurt people?

The order is important.
Too many people put step two before step one.

This is a huge mistake because step two NEVER ends.
Let me say that again: Learning how to lead never ends.

If you try to learn how to lead before you decide to become a leader, you’ll always find yourself wanting more. Just one more article. Just one more book. Just one more semester. Just one more year.

Then, you will do one of two wrong things. Some will give up and never lead because there’s too much to learn. The rest will finally decide to lead… later. But they will waste years waiting.

You don’t want to fail people? Or hurt them?
You’ll fail and hurt the world much more if you never lead.

Make the decision.
We need you.

Don’t worry about what you don’t know.
Set that leader in you free.


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